SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Detection

The high-performance diagnostic for valid detections and results in minutes!

Protect Yourself

Check the effectiveness of the vaccine after the first dose, for greater safety during all work and social activities, while waiting for the second treatment.

Seniors Safety

Older people can finally prove the effectiveness of the vaccine they have received, restoring confidence in family gatherings and meetings with friends.

Quality Of Life

A powerful diagnosis tool for assessing the effectiveness of vaccines treatements and restoring confidence and security in your daily life.


SARS-CoV-2: How safe is my vaccination protection?

Accurate quantitative determination of the status of neutralising antibodies by our high-performance diagnostic equipment for valid detection and results within 15 minutes, printed out and confirmed by the leading medical doctor.


Measurement of the
Corona immune status

Test results after only 15 minutes

Exact and
reliable results

Frequently Asked Questions

In which unit is the result of the Nab test displayed?

The test result is given in BAU/ml. BAU stands for “binding antibody units” and is the official WHO designation for neutralising antibodies.


How should the Nab result be interpreted?

Put simply, the higher the Nab value, the greater the protection against infection with the coronavirus. If the value is below 1,000 BAU/ml, the Professional Association of German Laboratory Physicians recommends a follow-up vaccination.


What is the difference to a conventional rapid test?

The main difference is that our analysers, as time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay analysers, enable an exact quantitative determination.


What does “immunofluorescence” mean?

Immunofluorescence allows accurate quantitative determination, in contrast to rapid tests that only show positive or negative as a result.


What does “quantitative” and “qualitative” test mean?

A qualitative test only shows a negative or positive result. A quantitative test also makes a statement about the amount of the parameter measured (e.g. amount of antibodies measured).


What is the difference between IgM/IgG antibody tests and a neutralising antibody test?

Neutralising antibodies (Nab) ensure that the carrier is not infected with the coronavirus in the first place. This is because they are already present on the carrier’s mucous membranes and protect him or her from infection with the coronavirus by attaching themselves to the virus before it enters the cell. In contrast, IgG and IgM antibodies are mainly formed only after an infection with the coronavirus has taken place. They ensure that the carrier does not become seriously ill.